USB 2.0 Manual Sharing Switch Box Share Hub Selector for PC Printer

Wireless USB Optical Mice Gaming Mouse 7 Color LED Backlit Rechargeable For PC

Mini Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set 2.4G Compatible with Mac Apple PC Computer

Rainbow Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Set Multi-Color Changing Backlight

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Sanoxy is a brand that aims to offer you best and interesting products with a budget price. We as Sanoxy offer computer accessories, gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, gaming console accessories, webcam, laptop coolers, hubs, mouse, keyboard. We also offer audio cables, lightning cable, hdmi cable, type-c cable, printer cable, ethernet cable. Looking for adapters? We have all kinds of adapter, video adapter, audio adapter, usb adapter, power adapter. Sanoxy also has a networking department that includes network adapter, network splitter, range extender, network cable. Don't forget to check our switches and splitters! Sanoxy is headquartered in Irvine, California.

You can visit our Computer Accessories section to make your life easier and more fun! We aim to deliver you every type of accessories for your computers! Webcam, mouse, keyboard, hub, presentation remote, capture cards and more. Mouse and keyboard is essential pieces to your computer because you control your computer with them and you always touch them. You should get a keyboard and mouse that you are comfortable and they should also fit your needs, if you write a lot then you should get a keyboard that gives you a good feedback or if you work outside a lot you should get a more mobile and quiet keyboard. You can also check our hubs and make your workspace more organized and increase your inputs and outputs, hubs will add different types of ports to your computer. If you present a lot you should also check our presenter pointers because they will definetly help you to make better presentations. Gaming mouses and keyboards also will come in handy if you are a gamer with the proper hardware you can increase your gaming experience to a higher level and get more fun out of your games. Gaming hardwares are more durable compared to regular products. We also have Type-C cables in our cable section with different variations that will suit your needs, type-c cables can transmit video, power and data, we also have lightning cables that you can use on your iphone and ipad. We also got network extenders on our networking section which allows you to extend your wifi zone and we also sell wifi adapters which allows you to make yourself have a wifi connection even if it doesn't have a built-in wifi.

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