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Adapters are our life saver! If you love technology as much as we do i'm sure you've been in a position that two of your devices have no way of connecting them and you don't want to replace one of them just because of that. What you do is visit sanoxy, check out our adapters section and find the proper adapter for your device.

At Sanoxy we offer Video Adapters, Audio Adapters, USB Adapters, Power Adapters, Multi Adapters that will meet your needs in multiple ways. This section is for you if you are looking for ways to connect your devices with each other. Our Video Adapters will help you to turn your usb ports into video ports such as hdmi, you can also use video adapters to increase the output of your ports. Audio adapters on the other hand helps you to gain audio ports with the sacrifice of a usb port. Power adapters will allow you to make your devices run without the PSU in some cases and multi adapters very much like hubs.

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