Range Extenders


Welcome to Sanoxy Networking section! We at Sanoxy work with highly skilled network professionals to deliver you the best networking products out there. Networking equipment is really important if you want a high-speed internet connection or extensive wifi coverage. 

We offer Network Adapters, Network Splitters, Range Extenders, Network Cables. You can find all your needs for your network here.  At sanoxy we always search for products that will make your life easier. For example our 300Mbps WiFi Repeater Wireless-N 802.11 AP Router Extender Signal Booster Range allows you to extend your wireless network to the areas that your regular router can't. Use of this product is very simple, just plug it in one of your sockets and let this product do it's job. This range extender will boost the signal to it's area and coverage of your wifi signal will be highly boosted. What's more, its Ethernet port allows the WR177A1 to act as a wireless adapter to turn a wired device into a wireless one. Ethernet cables are most reliable way to spread your network to a area. WiFi adapters will provide your computer with wifi if it doesn't come included in your motherboard, that way you can connect wirelessly to your router and to internet.

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