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Smart Watches


Sanoxy Wearable Luxury Round Smartwatch with a SIM Card

This elegant phone watch unlike most other smartwatches doesn’t need to pair to your phone for full functions. Instead, there’s a build in SIM card slot that provides the watch all the connectivity it needs by using T-Mobile or AT&T smartwatch plans.

This Phone Watch works just like your phone does, just in an elegant Luxury watch form. Now you can easily originate a call, send messages and talk from your Wrist.

This cool phone watch has classic round shape with sapphire glass screen for the best in Touch Screen resolution and quality.

Also with premium long lasting battery, once its fully charge you can use this watch up to 24 hours.

make phone calls from your wrist

2016 Smart phone watch with SIM Slot, Camera and more…


Built in Camera

With the built in camera you can take pictures and stores it. SANOXY 2016 Release Smart Phone Watch elegantly integrated a camera, microphone and speaker for selfies and spy shots.

All in 1 Smart Phone Watch features; Weather, MP3 / MP4 function, Anti-theft feature, vibration alerts, pedometer, heart rate testing, remote camera, IP65 waterproof and dustproof.

Factory settings with 8G TF Card.

You can also change the wrist band for different looks. You can choose from genuine leather wrist bands to stainless steel look.

Why do you need a Sanoxy Smart Phone Watch?

Imagine back in days when there was no traditional wrist watch, people used the pocket watch. Npw with the fast changing technology and advancement with increasing need of wearables, Smartphones are turning into Smart Phone Watches with many features.

Instead of reaching your smart phone in your pocket or purse, now you can simply check your watch.

Now with the Sanoxy Smart Phone Watch you can you to make calls with and speak into your watch,check notifications, take pictures with its camera, use as a health rate monitor with full features of a fitness sport watch.

With the Sanoxy Smart Phone Watch, you don’t need to carry your phone everywhere if you don’t need to. This Luxury watch looks and feels elegant even when you dress up. It’s a very good-looking, stylish smartwatch perhaps one of the most elegant with a decent battery life the market.

Sanoxy smartwatch benefits includes; excellent build quality, luxurious design and an affordable price tag with full features you expect from a wearable device.


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