SANOXY RJ45 Ethernet Switch Box


SANOXY RJ45 Network 1 Input 4 Output 8P8C Manual Sharing Switch

SANOXY A/B RJ45 Ethernet Switch Box. With this 4 port RJ45 Network/Ethernet Sharing Switch Box you can switch between four RJ45 Ethernet devices with the push of a button. It is easy and convenient to use, just press the relative button to switch. No power required, no additional software needed. SANOXY RJ45 Network 4-way ABCD Sharing Switch Box
RJ45 Network 4-way ABCD Sharing Switch Box

Bi-Directional: Can be used as a 4×1 (4 in, 1 out) or 1×4 (1 in, 4 out) switch

Can be used with RJ45 network devices including 8 wire phone applications

Long Life: Switch more than 100,000 times

No power required

No software required

Plug and Play