SANOXY Wireless PC Remote Control Mouse


UPC : 859108091522
100% Brand new and high quality USB PC remote control
Easy to use, slim and easy portable
Plug and play, NO need driver
Cable length: 80cm
Support system : Windows2000/XP/MCE/Vista
Receive interface : USB Interface
No need druver
Wireless mouse functions
Character and english letter input
Support software : WMP, RealPlayer, KMPlayer, TTPlayer, WinDVD, PowerDVD
The infrared ray control from a distance

UPC : 859108091522

Mini Wireless USB PC Remote Control Mouse Controller Receiver

Plug and Play, easy to use
Slim and easy portable
Super Far remote distance, larger than 8m
Super long lifetime (More than 700k strike time)
Fitting and Powerful software, Which has the function of TV/ Radio/ DVD/ Photo/ Video etc
Digital camera, printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse, speaker, modem. USB Hub, Oame PAB , Mp3 Player, USB reader, PDA plotter
Removal storage bay [HDD CDROM, CDRW] etc
Single key to Run/Close the software
Single key to realize watching TV/Listening Radio/Playing DVD or VCD /Browsing Photos/Playing Music/Playing Videos etc (TV and Radio Function needs TV card)
Single key to shutdown PC
Watch live TV and record it (TV card needed) , Watch DVD , Watch video ,Listen radio programmer (TV card needed) , Listen Music ,Show photos , Shutdown your compute
System Required : DirectX 9.0B and media player 9.0 or above \ Window XP

Wireless USB Pc Laptop Remote Control Mouse Controller for PC