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Professional RC Laser pointer Presenter-Slide Changer (AAA Battery)

Sale! Professional RC Laser pointer Presenter-Slide Changer (AAA Battery)  

Professional RC Laser pointer Presenter-Slide Changer (AAA Battery)

$19.00 $12.99

RC laser pointer (Slide Changer)

Great for Presentations , Meetings, Training, Speeches, Lectures.With hidden USB receiver, simply plug it into an available USB port and flip through slides.

Batteries:2 pcs AAA
Material: ABS

Output Power: ClassII<1mW&ClassIII<5mW
Technology: Radio Frequency
Function:red laser pointer, page up and down


Product Description

Function: red laser pointer, page up and down. Technology: Radio Frequency. Control distance: over15m

Features: Professional Cordless Presenter with Laser Pointer.

* Material:ABS * Wavelength:650nm    Output power: ClassII<1mW&ClassIII<5mW.

* Technology:Radio Frequency.

* Great for meetings and teaching. * Great tool along with power point presentations, demos, pictures, web pages and e-books. * Red laser beam. * Remote control range up to 20m with wireless technology. * Plug and play. * Plugs into USB * Requires 2 x AAA batteries.

System support: WINDOWS XP / 200 / NT / ME/ 98 / VISTA / MAC OS / LINUX

Function: Laser pointer. Page Up/Down. * Wirless technology: RF Size: 13*32*21mm

USB plug, no driver required.
It supports word ,excel. powerpoint, ACDsee, website, Acrobat reader
System:Windows98/2000/ME/XP/Linux/Mac os

***Safety Warning!!!  PLEASE DO NOT POINT THE LASER TO THE EYES! The laser pointer is not a toy and should be used properly. *SANOXY presenters are FDA approved.

SANOXY pointers are less than 5 milliwatts output power which is less powerful so that it is safer to use. All Sanoxy Presenter Pointers Comply with FDA regulations and safety limitations.

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