SANOXY Mini Dual PS2 Keyboard to USB Adapter Converter


USB Male Converter Adapter To PS2 Female For PC Keyboard Mouse Mice Cable Use Hot Sale Ps/2 Dual Ps/2 Mini Din 6Pin 2.0 LaptopUSB2.0 to Dual PS/2 Adapter for PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard to USB Port Converter


Sanoxy USB-Male-to-Dual-PS-2-PS2-Female-Adapter-Converter-For-Old-Keyboard-Mouse-Plugs. Connector Type: USB 2.0 Male to PS/2 Female (Dual) Compatible Devices: Keyboard, Mouse. Sanoxy USB 2.0 to PS/2 adapter dongle To use your PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse on a USB port computer accessories. Specifictaions: Support: Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/VISTA(32-bit only)/Windows 7(32-bit and 64-bit) Plug and play adapter converts a PS/2 mouse and keyboard connection into a USB connection. USE: old mouse and keyboard on your new computer. Applicable to machines without PS2 interface, plug and play, automatic identification without the need to install the driver. Supports hot-swappable, suitable for any PC and laptop. *** You can connect two PS2 devices such as 2 keyboards or Mouse for gaming etc, Connect 2 mouse for Double Game Play !