500ft 16AWG/4C Stranded CMR/CL3R OFC Speaker Cable, White

500ft 16AWG/4C Stranded CMR/CL3R OFC Speaker Cable, White


500 FT
Bare end to Bare end
Number of Conductor: 4

Insulation: PVC
Jacket: CL3R-rated White PVC Jacket
•  2 Oxygen Free Bare Copper Conductors in an Overall Jacket

•  CL3R Rated In Wall/Ceiling Applications
•  Two conductors are jacketed with color-coded PVC for easy polarity identification
•  For Communication and Signal Control Systems

•  16 Awg 4 Conductor 500ft

Our speaker cable is designed to complement your high-end audio system. It comes in a convenient 500-foot spool and is ideal for wiring the speakers in your home theater or house to your receiver. This speaker cable features two conductors that are constructed with oxygen-free bare copper, which provides the optimal conductivity and low resistance to drive high quality audio to your speakers. Pure bare copper is a superior conductor to the copper clad aluminum (CCA) conductors that are used in other inexpensive speaker cables. This flexible 65 strand 16 AWG cable jacketed in a CMR/CL3R rated PVC material will suit your installation requirements