SANOXY Analog to Digital Audio Converter Adapter

$19.99 $15.99

Sanoxy Analog Stereo to Digital Optical Coax Audio Converter

Analog to Digital Audio Adapter: Converts R/L RCA analog stereo audio signal to Digital Coaxial audio and Toslink Spdif Optical digital audio simultaneously. Note: It’s not a Digital to Analog audio converter.

RCA L/R Analog to Digital Optical SPDIF/Coaxial Audio Converter Adapter. This Sanoxy Analog to Digital Audio Adapter converts analog Left/Right RCA-style audio connections to digital S/PDIF coax or TOSLink outputs. The unit is compact, easy to install, and operates in a wide variety of operating conditions. How it works: Simply plug in your analog audio source into the RCA jacks, then connect your digital receiving device to your choice of either coaxial or optical digital output. Both digital outputs may also be used simultaneously. Power-cycle all connected equipment, and you will be enjoying digitally converted audio from your analog source at the receiving device.