1080p Extension Cable with HDMI Extender Adapter Over 1 Single Support 50M


HDMI Extender by CAT5 x1 uses one piece of CAT5e/6 cable to extend the HDTV display up to 50 meters for 1080p. It not only breaks the limitation of the HDMI cable transmission length, but also has more flexibility and convenience in cable construction. Benefits : The length of HDMI cable is fixed and unchangeable after it is produced. Because the HDMI connector can only be soldered or terminated by the professional workers in factory, the users can not reduce or increase by themselves. However CAT-5e/6 cables are available everywhere and be processed easily by the user or installer. Because the header of the long HDMI cable is big, using it must in hidden method. What’s more, it is not easy to bend the HDMI cable and to pull it through the in-wall tube or tray. However, CAT-5e/6 cable has no such problems. Or the general HDMI cables, they must be customized when the length is over 10 meters.