SANOXY 5×1 HDMI Splitter – HDMI Switcher with 5 Port


SANOXY HDMI SWITCHER, HDMI 5 In 1 Out Switch, HDMI 5 In 1 Out Switcher,

Item inclunds :
1 * HDMI Switcher
1 * Romote Control
1 * IR Extender Receiver
1 * User Manual

Sanoxy 1080P HDMI Splitter Switch 5 input 1 output HDMI Switcher 5X1 for XBOX 360 PS4 Smart Android HDTV HDMI Adapter. Connect various HDMI sources to your HDTV/Monitor: Smart phone & Tablet with HDMI adapter. Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, or DVD player; Digital TV boxes; for PS3, for Xbox360, for Wii and all game console with HDMI output; Laptop or PC with HDMI output; HD video cameras or camcorders;