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Sanoxy Gaming offers you reliable gaming hardware at a budget price. Check out our Mechanical Keyboards and RGB Mouses especially Designed for Gaming! Explore our products now at Sanoxy Gaming

We offer gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, gaming console products. You can find all your gaming needs at Sanoxy Gaming section! Our gaming mouses have up to 7200 DPI and we also have wireless gaming mouses. If you are looking for a wireless keyboard we also offer wireless gaming keyboard. Gaming products are crucial if you are a regular gamer and  they are generally more durable compared to the regular products. If you are a gamer there is just so much you can do without proper gaming gear. Although nowadays even a regular mouse has many options gaming mouses will definetly make your gaming experience better and increase your k/d ratio. Gaming keyboards will also change the way you play your games so it is not a bad idea to invest in good gaming gear. Good gaming keyboards don't do ghosting (which means keyboard does not register some buttons when you press them at the same time) and have much better durability. We use our gear much more harshly when we play games so why not pick a durable gear that will accompany us in our adventures?

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