The USB interface, plug and play, no driver
2. 4 custom program shortcuts,
3. Each shortcut keys can be set to start the three procedures,
4. On the remote control with the mouse
5. Remote control distance: 10 meters
6. Compatible with almost all media player software
7. Compatible with Windows all of the operating system
8. Compatible with Windows XP, MCE, Vista operating system.
9 teaching demonstration: can the powerpoint slides on the big screen TV, such as presentation.
10 can be remotely operated at present more popular network TV software, such as: for PPlive, FastTV, PPS, STTV…
Method of use:
2 insert USB cable into the computer USB port, the computer display to find the hardware system, automatically after the success of the installation, you can use the remote control;
Open the battery cover, would be a grain of button battery cover and battery cover, 2025;
4 press any key. A red indicator remote control. To work properly.
5 when using general usb receiver, receiving range of Angle of 45 degrees, receiving distance of 20 meters