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At Sanoxy we try our best to deliver you quality cables that you can use for a long time. Good cables are a must if your technological equipment is important to you because without proper cables your hardware is always at risk of getting damaged. Cables are also a good investment in long term because if you buy a cheap cable your equipment might get damaged and you will end up paying even more. If you buy a good quality cable you will use it for many years.

At Sanoxy we offer Type-C cable, Video Cable, Power Cable, Firewire Cable, Audio Cable, Ethernet Cable, Lightning Cable, Printer Cable, Micro USB Cable. We also offer HDMI and DisplayPort cables. If you are looking to make your workspace more secure cable-wise this section is definetly for you! Type-C cables are really important nowadays because of their many advantages over other cable types. They can transmit video, power and data. Type-C cables will change USB Type A and B %100 in the future. They are also reversible so you cannot plug them wrong. It is also proved that Type-C cables are much more durable then their predecessors and they are smaller in height and width. Many big companies supports USB Type-C and it already became the default usb port in some devices. Having a good type-c cable is really handy if you have devices that has type-c port. Video cables are really important, back in the days we only had vga cables but right now we dvi cables, hdmi cables, displayport cables and type-c cables as we mentioned above. HDMI cables also transfers sound with the video as well as some type-c cables. Power cables and ethernet are also good invesments because you use them for many years.

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